Helping talented orphans, the future leaders

Who we are.

Rahma Foundation USA  is a  nonprofit organization in the USA with a primary objective to  serve orphans and poor vulnerable children.  Bangladeshi orphans fail to benefit from the free public education system because they cannot afford additional  expenditure for school supplies, food, clothing or transportation. It is a fair assumption that many poor kids in Bangladesh are meritorious and have higher learning abilities. Rahma Foundation USA is planning to reach out to the poor and talented children with higher abilities and provide them the educational opportunities to rise above the cycle of poverty.

Our Mission.

The Foundation cultivates the academic & leadership potential of talented and motivated orphans from humble backgrounds. The Academy offers access to exceptional educational opportunities and leadership training to develop their talents.

Our Vision.

Rahma Foundation USA  envisions a legacy of successful and inspiring leaders who will make a positive impact to the society. The academy will provide assistance to:

• Disadvantaged students and help them graduate from the best professional programs

• Create a pool of qualified candidates for  leadership development

• Open the door of higher education to qualified students from the neglected 5 million Bangladeshi orphans

Our Plan.

Currently, even the smartest Bangladeshi orphan does not get a chance to study in a professional field. Rahma Foundation USA wants to change this situation and plans to create new opportunities for the poor kids who are intelligent and smart. This effort will identify young talented orphans from across Bangladesh. Qualified students will be selected for the program to receive high quality technical education and leadership training in a residential environment. A strong focus on character building will allow the Academy to prepare morally strong leaders who will be ready to serve the country honestly and sincerely.