Why help talented orphans?

Although wars and natural disasters are highly visible adversities, some hardships not visible to others can be quite significant. Daily economic struggles by the poor may continue for ages because the society has not recognized this as real suffering or society does not have enough resources available to alleviate the suffering. As a result the affected people may remain in misery all of their life without any hope for a better life.

Madrasa and orphanages in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh,  ordinarilly do not provide general education, decent clothing or good food.  Students graduating from these institutions do not earn decent income.

There are many talented individuals among the poor orphans.   Given the right opportunities, it would be possible that they could use their talents to help themselves and the society.

Rama Foundation USA has a project only for talented orphans. Once we know an orphan is gifted, the foundation takes full responsibility of the child until he becomes a professional like a doctor or an engineer. The student also gets proper understanding of his religion.

Why give to poor orphans? First, it is the pleasure of giving for a good cause. By giving, we will feel good, with a divine feeling in the heart. Noble traits are built within us, it is in our fitra. By giving to orphans, or to any other noble cause will generate a pleasure that will lift our spirits.

Second, we want to help in a project that will bring long lasting results. We want to help the orphans become self sufficient. The best way the orphans can stand on their feet, is by getting a good education.

Rahma Foundation USA has worked hard to identify a highly capable group of students who have been studying for a number years at the International Talent Care Academy in Bangladesh. These students demonstrated high academic performance in the national test of Bangladesh government. They worked hard, and are beginning to hope to become doctors and engineers. They really deserve our help. Your Zakah and Sadaqa are their only hope.

Just think for a moment, have you ever seen a project that aims to develop leadership among the poor orphans? Is there a project, that aims to develop doctors and engineers among the poorest orphans anywhere?

It is a Sunnah to wish the same good things for our brothers which we wish for ourselves. Orphans of Bangladesh are our brothers in Islam. We should genuinely help them fulfill their dreams, help them become professionals. The same way we wish it for our own children. If you think this is a worthwhile cause, please respond with your generous contributions.

Consider this is a test from Allah (swt). He created these orphans as poor, so you and I could be tested. Thanks for reading about us.