Who is gifted?

A student who:

  • Reasons well – good thinker
  • Learns rapidly
  • Has extensive vocabulary
  • Has an excellent memory
  • Has a long attention span
  • Sensitive – feelings hurt easily
  • Shows compassion
  • Perfectionist
  • Intense
  • Morally sensitive
  • Has strong curiosity
  • Perseverant in their interests
  • Has high degree of energy
  • Prefers older companions or adults
  • Has a wide range of interests
  • Has a great sense of humor
  • Early or avid reader
  • Concerned with justice, fairness
  • Judgment mature for age at times
  • Is a keen observer
  • Has a vivid imagination
  • Is highly creative
  • Tends to question authority
  • Good with numbers
  • Good at jigsaw puzzles

Giftedness according to IQ Scores :
Profoundly Gifted: above 175
Exceptionally Gifted: 160 – 174
Highly Gifted: 145-159
Gifted: 130-144

Reference – www.gifteddevelopment.com

How will you find gifted students?

Rahma Foundation USA will recruit students through a combination of direct outreach and partnership efforts. Our Admissions team will work with orphanages and other schools in Bangladesh and prepare a shortlist of students based on our selection criteria. Admission procedures and dates will be published in the national news papers.

How will you select the students?

Rahma Foundation USA will admit a diverse student body regardless of race, religion and caste. Selection will be based on merit alone. Rahma Foundation USA will search for talented students from across the country with demonstrated leadership potential, talents and a strong academic record. Preliminary selection process will include recommendations from communities/teachers, essays, and evaluation of the academic records. Finally the students will be invited to the school campus for written, oral and psychological tests.

Why are you focusing on the 10-12 year age group?

We are focusing on students who are at a very special time of their lives. They are curious to learn and are beginning to form their own views of the world. By working with younger kids, we have the opportunity to shape how they think and build a strong foundation of moral ethics and values.

How will you develop leaders at the Academy? 

We will develop the leadership skills through study, role modeling, and real life practice. Students will research and identify the traits of famous Bangladeshi & world leaders. Students will also interact with honest local leaders. They will have frequent contacts with role models who will visit campus regularly as guest speakers and personal mentors. Real life practice will include students designing their own projects targeting positive impacts on the society.

Will students be able to practice their religious beliefs or cultural customs on campus?

Yes. The Foundation  values diversity and encourages all students to practice their religious beliefs or cultural customs that are important to them.


Q. What type of school?
A. Residential college preparatory school emphasizing moral and leadership training.

Q. Who has a similar school? Any competition? Why do you think yours will be better?
A. This is a new type of school so there is no competition at this time.

Q. Who will you serve?
A. Talented orphans of Bangladesh.

Q. Where will you establish it? Why?
A. Outside the city of Dhaka. To keep away from political uncertainties, traffic jam and corruption.

Q. Why do you want to do it? What are your opportunities?
A. There are talented orphans in Bangladesh who have the potential to become successful in life provided they are given the opportunities. Traditionally, these children do not receive modern education so they cannot compete for professional jobs in the country. As a result, the country also do not benefit from their talents.

Q. What will you accomplish?
A. We plan to prepare morally sound leaders who will compete for responsible positions in the government and private sectors.

Q. Do you have the right expertise?
A. Yes. Rahma Foundation Board has  long term educators who worked was a teacher in school, college and universities in USA & Bangladesh. Besides, we are aggressively trying to recruit the additional talents from the country to work with our students.

Q. Where will you get funding? Show evidence your fund collection will be successful.
A. We have a cash flow model that is sustainable. We created a process to collect funds from the USA mostly from private donations. Our tax returns with IRS is the evidence for funding.

Q. What makes you think – this project will be successful?
A.  Funds for the school building and operational expenses were secured. Teacher and student recruitment are being planned. Ultimate success will depend on God Almighty & the dedication of the people involved.

Q. When will you start?
A. Within a few months

Q. Who will benefit from this project?
A. Orphans of Bangladesh. The country will benefit form successful graduates.

Q. Can you provide details of the benefits?
A. A child who has access to quality education has a better chance in life. A talented orphan has the energy and potential which can be utilized for the benefit of the country and not the opposite. Education is a major instrument for social and economic development and reduction of poverty. It increases the productivity of labor, improves health, and enables people to participate fully in the economy and development of the society. Talented orphans have the potential to become leaders of the society who can contribute much more than the average successful citizen. In the world today, a nation must utilize all of its resources including the talents of the orphans to compete globally in terms of income, health and opportunity. According to UNESCO there are 4 million orphans in Bangladesh. Our mission is to identify young talented orphans from across Bangladesh and provide state of the art modern education and leadership training. We plan to provide high quality modern education so these children will be able to break the cycle of poverty. We intend to provide love, nutrition, education, and leadership skills which are important for success in their life.

Q. What management or the staff will you require?
A. Director of Academy, Teachers, and other staff.

Q. Do you understand the field in which you will operate? (Market Research)
A.  Yes. Rahma Foundation USA president is a long term educator who worked as a teacher in school, college and universities in USA & Bangladesh. Besides, we are aggressively trying to recruit the best talents with experience from the country to work with our students.

Q.  How will you recruit staff?
A. Advertised positions in the national  newspapers

Q. What factors will motivate your donors to contribute? Anticipate criticism & provide answers.
A. Merit of the project. So far we got good responses. Long term sustainability is still an issue. We need to motivate young leaders in the USA & Bangladesh to lead this effort in future.

Q. Do you have the roadmap with key operational plan, business activities, need & market analysis, operating costs, milestones & details of how the mission will be accomplished?
A. Yes.

Q. What happens if you do not accomplish your goals? Are there any  corrective or improvement measure in planning?
A. Will review results and adjust the goals and  operating procedures accordingly.

Q. How will you train your staff?
A. We prepared training materials on power point, articles, & video. Additional training will provided online using internet and webcams.

Q. Can you describe your project successfully to ordinary people?
A. Yes. We want to create Doctors and Engineers from the talented orphan communities of Bangladesh.

Q. Do you have the details for outsiders to understand your goals & results?
A. Yes, our donors responded positively because of this.